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 “Molly's easy going personality and fun approach to yoga and health will have you touching your toes in no time.” 

heck out Molly's video:

Yogis gathered together in NYC with the collective intention of creating more peace and happiness in the world. May it inspire everyone to try yoga. Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.

Choreography and creative vision by Molly Lehman.
Revery Media New York City

Special Thanks to our Cast:
Erin Fogel, Meg Carlough, Beth Hazan, Dave Hazan, Anna Surbatovich, Jessica Chazen, Chelsea Kazepis, Jonathan Poplack, Monica Baik, Monika Sharma, Sarah Freund, Brooke Murphy, Denise Brown, Kasey Ryan, Zarah Kravitz, Jessica Gilo, Dawn Olsen, Julia Hess, Christine Ferrara, Craig Sulzburgh, Andrew Tanner, Stephanie Miller, Krissy Shields, Jenn Burke, Abigail Burke, Charlotte Burke, Bunny Grossinger, Nicholas Woodridge, Kim West and Chequers Shea-Abrams! 

Trevor Hall
"Where's the Love"